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Discover the latest headlines about The Drake Gives and its transformative impact on schools and communities. Stay updated with our latest news and stories!

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OC Register: Anaheim Elementary School District Music, Art and Creativity Festival

The Drake Gives sponsored The Music, Art & Craft Festival, showcasing the talents of over 1,000 students from Anaheim Elementary School District's 24 schools. Featuring culturally-inspired dances and vibrant musical performances, the event highlighted the enriching impact of music education on students' lives.


California Business Journal

Dive into the inspiring narrative of 'Empowering Young Lives Through Music: Elevating Life Skills and Mental Health for Today's Youth' on The Drake Gives, featured in the California Business Journal. Uncover the transformative impact and initiatives that shape the future of our youth.


The Drake After Dark

Laguna Beach Magazine joined forces with The Drake Gives to illuminate the success of our captivating speakeasy-themed event, The Drake After Dark, which not only created a buzz but also raised an impressive $190,000 in support of our shared philanthropic endeavors!


UCI Scholarship

Founder of The Drake Gives, Alec Glasser, has committed to providing $100,000 in scholarships to support students at the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine. The donation aims to enhance educational opportunities and alleviate financial barriers for students pursuing studies in social ecology, fostering a commitment to social and environmental issues within the academic community.

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Modern Luxury Riviera OC

Dive into an enchanting blend of culinary artistry and musical philanthropy! Discover the inspiring details in our press release and learn how The Drake Restaurant is making a difference through The Drake Gives and Save The Music Foundation.


Groove For Good

On June 6th, 2023, The Drake Restaurant will host an elevated culinary and entertainment experience, empowering young lives through music. The event aims to benefit both The Drake Gives and the Save The Music Foundation.

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