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The Full Story

The inaugural program by The Drake Gives commenced in December 2021 with a fundraising event held at The Drake Restaurant in Laguna Beach. This initiative marked the foundation's collaboration with Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit established in 1997 that actively invests in schools, supports educators, and advocates for music education. Since the formation of this partnership and through four subsequent events, The Drake Gives has successfully raised over $500,000. These funds have facilitated music instruction and provided instruments to more than 12,000 underserved children, with over 7,000 benefiting from the initiative in local Orange County public schools alone.

In Fall 2023, “The Drake Gives / UCI Music Scholarship” was established - initiating an annual $100,000 scholarship program. This program was designed to empower students who draw inspiration from music and aspire to leverage its transformative influence in shaping the lives of others throughout their professional journeys.

Expanding its partnership with UCI, The Drake Gives launched the “Initiative for the Power of Music” in December 2023. Building upon a longstanding tradition of utilizing music to enhance education, promote health, and mobilize communities for social action, the Center will introduce a unique and innovative platform at UCI. This platform seeks to catalyze and harness the wealth of expertise, passion, and concern present across the campus, the state, the country, and the world, establishing a groundbreaking stage for the transformative potential of music. A commitment of $1.5 million from Drake Gives underscores its dedication to championing this bold and innovative endeavor.

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