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about us

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mission statement

To champion and utilize the power of music for personal growth and social good, fostering education and action that elevates overall well-being.

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About The Drake Gives

In 2019, when The Drake Restaurant opened its doors in Laguna Beach, Founder Alec Glasser set a primary goal: to establish a "give back" initiative dedicated to supporting music education, particularly for underserved children in public schools. The culmination of this commitment came to fruition in 2021 with the launch of The Drake Gives, a public nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation.

Since its inception, The Drake Gives has expanded its mission significantly. Beyond supporting local music education, particularly through collaborations with esteemed partners such as UC Irvine and national organizations like Save The Music, the foundation now seeks to harness the transformative power of music for the broader community.

By connecting with local educational institutions and like-minded national groups, The Drake Gives not only provides support to music education programs through scholarships, grants, and contributions but also endeavors to empower individuals and enrich society at large through the dynamic force of music.

FOUNDER, Alec Glasser

Alec Glasser, the Founder of The Drake restaurant in Laguna Beach and The Drake Gives, discovered the saxophone in public school at the age of 12. This encounter had a profound impact on his life, shaping it in ways he never anticipated. His earnest desire is for everyone to have the chance to experience the same opportunity in their education and life experience.

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