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UCI/The Drake Gives Initiative for the Power of Music

Building upon its rich legacy of utilizing music to enhance education, foster well-being, and inspire social change, the University of California, Irvine, has collaborated with The Drake Gives to establish a distinctive and forward-thinking initiative harnessing the power of music for individual and societal well-being.


The UCI/Drake Gives Initiative for the Power of Music amalgamates the collective wealth of knowledge, capabilities, and enthusiasm from both organizations to educate and instigate positive action across the campus, the state, the nation, and the world. A generous commitment of $1.5 million from Drake Gives underscores its dedication to championing this bold and innovative endeavor.


Key components of the Initiative include:

  • Creating innovative undergraduate coursework within the School of Social Ecology that reflects on how the power of music can enrich education, promote health and well-being, provide professional pathways, and mobilize students to address societal challenges, including climate and urban sustainability

  • Developing a unique, publicly available online directory of non-profit resources for individuals interested in leveraging the power of music for personal and societal well-being

  • Forging new partnerships to advance music/education/technology platforms in Orange County’s underserved communities and beyond, engaging disadvantaged youths and adults to promote health and well-being, provide professional pathways, and mobilize efforts to improve lives and address societal challenges

  • Expanding existing global partnerships and cultivating new relationships in Africa and other continents, utilizing the power of music to address societal needs in underserved areas

  • Hosting symposiums and events to bring together global experts, fostering education, inspiration, and action through the power of music in addressing societal issues, including peace, climate, and urban sustainability challenges

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